Workflow Automation

workflow-automationWorkflow technologies allow you to improve your business on both the top line and bottom line. For revenue, it allows your sales people to spend less time looking for their customer information and more time with new customers. Electronic document workflow also helps you streamline your processes allowing you to get more work done with the same or fewer people. Accountability improves across the organization, enabling you to react quickly to market changes.

Let IMS technology show you how a document management workflow solution can improve your business. We spend time with you to understand your processes and implement a solution that improves accountability and efficiency throughout your organization. With a workflow solution, transactional information is better managed virtually eliminating lost documents and lost information. Information is made ready for your staff to make decisions instead of waiting and wondering where, or if, the information exists. A workflow solution also tells you where process bottlenecks occur allowing you to re-tool the process, resulting in faster and lower cost processes.

With an IMS workflow solution, you realize the following benefit:

  • Improved productivity, enabling more work to get done with fewer people
  • Improved information distribution, resulting in more timely decisions faster
  • Simplified compliance with electronic accountability
  • Better customer service by making information available faster
  • Reduced costs across paper production activities including: shipping, storing and retrieving critical business documents

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