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Increased Productivity

Using any standard scanner or multifunction printer, users can transform paper based activities into workflow enabled processes, while dramatically decreasing the cost and effort required for capturing documents.

Scales to Your Needs

Convey is designed with the ability to evolve with the needs of your organization. You can add additional processor cores for higher volume environments or add features like email capture to increase the value of the solution.

Cost Effective

Offering unique value through a concurrent licensing model that has absolutely no limitations on page count volumes, ensuring processes will never shut down unexpectedly.

Seamless Integration

As a web-based platform, Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents from all your devices, including production scanners or multifunction printers, to transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes.

The Path to Increased Document Efficiency


Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents from all your devices such as desktop scanners, multifunctional printers, and watched network directory


Convey transforms your files by converting scanned documents into text searchable PDFs, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel


Convey extracts information that can be shared with other applications through KeyFree Indexing, Barcode Recognition and optional Zonal OCR


Convey routes extracted information from data and documents to a shared network location, automatically created folders, CSV or Microsoft SQL Server


Convey notifies users of newly arrived documents so that work can be completed quickly, more efficiently and without delay


Convey sends your documents to a network share or to any ECM solution of your choice, including Microsoft SharePoint® and GlobalSearch®

Upgrade to GlobalCapture Convey PLUS

All GlobalCapture Basic Functionality

Convey Plus builds off the core functionality included in Convey, such as all capture, conversion, extraction, routing, notification and release capabilities.

Positional OCR Extraction

For environments with consistently formatted documents, you can easily create templates for extracting data, based on its location within the document.

Document Classification

Increase the speed of template based data extraction by identifying documents being processed through predefined attributes and applying the correct template for data extraction and identification.

Rapid Adapt Forms Learning

Expand the flexibility of template based OCR processes with Rapid Adapt Forms, allowing users to easily train the system on the fly to accommodate new or modified documents for which there is no existing template.

Improve the timeliness and availability of your business information.

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