Data Extraction


Data extraction is a complex process.

The majority of data extraction comes from unstructured data sources and various data formats. This unstructured data can be in any form, such as tables, indexes, and analytics.

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine represents the latest generation of ABBYY’s data capture SDK technology. It enables developers to quickly develop solutions for extracting data from forms and documents of virtually any type or complexity. FlexiCapture Engine is ideal for System Integrators and Service Providers who develop integrated data capture solutions.




Data Capture for All Types of Documents

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine provides tools for extracting data from documents that have no fixed layout including invoices, contracts, and letters.



Integrates with Applications Seamlessly and Easily

With FlexiCapture Engine developers can embed data capture of virtually any kind into customers’ workflows.



Ideal for Mobile Capture Scenarios

Advanced camera image processing tools and excellent server performance make FlexiCapture Engine the best choice for creating mobile data capture solutions.

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