File360 Document Management

Accelerate Your Business with Robust Document Capture, Indexing, and Secure Storage


Competitive organizations everywhere are focusing on ways to regain control of the critical documents and data that drive their business. Yet choosing a document management system that best fits your organization is extremely challenging in today’s ever-changing business environment.

With File360 you can meet that challenge. File360 is a powerful, intuitive, and scalable document management system that enables your organization to rapidly capture, index, store, share, and protect your critical business documents, regardless of the application used to create them.

File360 provides a trusted information foundation for any size organization – from a single workstation to a large multi-department solution. It supports the entire spectrum of unstructured content and data including scanned pages, faxes, files, and multimedia objects.

File360 enables your organization to regain control over your critical information, improve the quality of your business decisions, and increase operational and process efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid deployment improves time to value
  • Flexible document capture provides a smooth transition to digital document management
  • Powerful indexing guarantees fast & accurate image retrieval
  • Flexible storage alternatives that meet your business needs
  • Empower your desktop with fast & efficient access and sharing capabilities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with powerful document management security