Kodak Asset Management Software


Know more and do more by remotely managing KODAK Scanners

Kodak Asset Management Software Map

Now, system administrators can manage and maintain select KODAK Scanners on their network through one simple dashboard solution. KODAK Asset Management Software, featuring a thin-client dashboard, will optimize time, budgets, resources and efficiency. You’ll know more about every scanner and be able to do more across your network, thanks to the KODAK Asset Manager Software Server Module—

  • Register, install, configure, and maintain scanners
  • Benefit from pre-configured reports and third-party reporting tools
  • Track consumables use
  • Collect and store important scanner data, including profiles, page counts, settings, and key attributes
  • Monitor status and performance
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot remotely with easy-to-access scanner logs
  • Schedule and deploy drivers, profiles, and Smart Touch functionality updates
  • Organize and manage your scanners using groups
  • Minimize phone support, on-site visits and downtime

An efficient solution delivering valuable insight into scanner performance across your network

The KODAK Asset Management Software Server Module provides an array of valuable, distinctive benefits—

  • Don’t just capture data—harvest valuable information!
  • Identify trends, optimize processes, and implement operational improvements
  • Streamlined, familiar-yet-comprehensive GUI
  • More frequent information updates
  • Thin-client dashboard with Web accessibility
  • Multiple logins available with configurable privileges
  • No conflicts—retrieves scanner information while in use with other applications
  • Flexible thresholds for condition and consumable alerts, plus notifications to both end users and admins

KODAK Asset Management Software Client Module
Along with the Server Module—providing a valuable array of locally hosted system management tools and monitoring tools as described above— the KODAK Asset Management Software Client Module is included to:

  • Load onto each PC and send updates to the KODAK Asset Management Software Server Module about each connected scanner
  • Receive updates and upgrades


It’s easy to do more when you know more— KODAK Asset Management Software


Feature Description Benefits
Centralized dashboard (Thin-client) Behind customer firewall; https/http-based Web-browser accessible; make updates and gain knowledge centrally and remotely; no special network configuration or server application needed
Data collection and storage All data stored in MICROSOFT SQL Server database Industry-standard storage for safe, easy access
Reporting tools Work seamlessly with MICROSOFT EXCEL Software and other programs Use powerful built-in reports or easily create your own with choices in tools and output as .CSV or html files
Maintenance and consumables tracking Monitor cleaning, rollers, feed tires, service intervals and more Better manage uptime and TCO; thresholds provide proactive warnings
Critical condition alerts Be aware of multifeeds, jams, and other stoppages Optimize workflow and protect productivity
Access to log files Integrate with e-mail apps Simplify access and availability for service
Scanner grouping Enhanced information on location, contacts, scanner models, asset numbers, and more Facilitate data entry, organization, and management of assets
Scheduled content deployment Push out updated drivers, profiles, and Smart Touch functionality updates Streamline software deployment

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