Production Scanners

kodak-i5000-seriesKodak Alaris’ production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability. This line-up is ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements. Find the advantages your operation needs to succeed, including:

  • True speeds of up to 210 ppm with all image processing features enabled
  • Ability to quickly scan mixed batches of documents, photos, tear sheets and graphics with automated imaging capabilities for exceptional quality
  • Customization, adjustable height and other features that drive ease of use

Scanner list price below is used for comparison purposes—no one ever pays list price, so contact us for a quote and ask about our current trade-ins and rebates

 ModelSpeed (PPM/IPM)*Duty Cycle†List Price
i4250_Scanner-angle-120x54i4250 Scanner110No limit$9,995
i4650_Scanner-front-120x54i4650 Scanner130No limit$14,995
i4850_Scanner-angle-120x54i4850 Scanner150No limit$19,995
i5250FacingRight157x105i5250 Scanner150No limit
i5250VFacingRight100x64i5250V Scanner150No limit
i5650FacingRight150x100i5650 Scanner180No limit
i5650VFacingRight100x67i5650V Scanner180No limit
i5850FacingRight150x100i5850 Scanner210No limit$79,000
i5850sfacingfronthighestposition150x117i5850S Scanner 210No limit

* PPM = pages per minute at 200 dpi, portrait orientation; IPM = images per minute (duplex)
† Duty cycle = maximum pages per day the scanner can handle

Discontinued Products

Model Speed (PPM/IPM)* Duty Cycle† List Price Comments
Ngenuity 9090DB 90/180 90,000 $18,000 Replaced by the i4250
Ngenuity 9090DC 90/180 90,000 $20,000 Replaced by the i4250
Ngenuity 9125 125/250 125,000 $25,000 Replaced by the i4650
Ngenuity 9150 150/300 150,000 $35,000 Replaced by the i4850
i4200 100/200 30,000 $9,995 Replaced by the i4250
i4600 120/240 50,000 $14,995 Replaced by the i4650
i5200 140/280 Unlimited $30,000 Replaced by the i5250
i5600 170/340 Unlimited $45,000 Replaced by the i5650


Contact us for a quote and ask us about our scanner trade-ins & rebates