ABBYY Smart Classifier


Is data so overwhelming you seem to drown in it? Let Agent ABBYY fix your unstructured data problems. Professional, silent, quick.

ABBYY Smart Classifier is an automatic text classification application that combines high-performance text classification in 39 languages with a powerful semantic classification that organizes English and Russian documents based on meaning rather than statistical patterns.

Time-to-classification is greatly reduced through automatic parameter tuning and reduced training sets. Even non-technical users can develop, test and deploy classification models with our easy-to-use Model Editor. Integration with ECM systems, other content stores, archives, email or the like is simple and easy via REST APIs.

Automatic text classification rests on a sophisticated workflow:

ABBYY Smart Classifier simplifies this process so that any line-of-business manager can implement automatic text classification with the following capabilities:

Intuitive Model-Editor

The easy-to-use interface and simple workflow in Smart Classifier’s Model Editor guides non-technical users in importing or developing taxonomies, importing training documents and building and testing their classification models using Control Sets. They can tune category thresholds and result in probabilities to optimize precision, recall or f-measure metrics, and examine documents and detailed analytics. When ready, administrators or line-of-business managers can then deploy classification models into their production environment.


Automatic Parameter Tuning

Optimizing classification models for specific categories is a grueling process of selecting document characteristics and model parameters to repetitively test the results. ABBYY Smart Classifier does this hard work for you– automatically making the decisions to optimize the algorithms and deliver consistently high classification quality.


Small Training Sets

Instead of requiring thousands of documents to train a category or taxonomy. Smart Classifier shrinks that number by a factor of 10 or more. Without the burden of collecting a large data set just to train the classification model you can work much more swiftly and accelerate your time-to-deployment.


Simple, REST APIs

Integrating automatic text classification into your existing SharePoint, content management systems, and archives, as well as workflow and repositories for email management, records management, and business process management solutions has never been easier, or faster.

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