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Court proceedings, subpoenas, complaints, notices, depositions, evidence, filings, statutes, memoranda, etc. The Legal sector is characterized by a large variety of often long documents, adding up to form large and cumbersome files, hard to search, deal with, re-use, transport and store. 

Your legal department can be overwhelmed with document requests. No matter if you are creating a contract from scratch or staying ahead of contract renewals, keeping track of these essential business documents presents a challenge for both small and large organizations. Not having an effective means to track this represents significant risk to your ongoing business.

As part of a very dynamic and ever-changing environment, legal professionals constantly deal with paper case files, reading court decisions, legislation and other regulations. Finding that information, retyping it for later use, or sharing it with colleagues or customers, represents a significant loss of time and money.


IMS can provide an electronic contract management solution. We have the staff and experience to deploy a solution for you or you can outsource it to us.

Upon executing a contract, it is scanned into the repository providing a single location for the final document. With proactive notifications, you can be alerted in advance of any contract renewal dates, eliminating any last minute negotiations to continue doing business. Once in a repository, the documents become secure, allowing only the appropriate people to see the documents. Reduce the risk of natural disaster or catastrophic system failure with an electronic solution.

Finally, you can streamline the approval process using structured workflow to coordinate any approvals necessary to the contract. IMS can provide a structured means to manage your contracts.



Legal Document Management Software


Tighten security and improve efficiency with Cabinet SAFE legal document management.

Forget the filing cabinets. Throw out those manila folders. With Cabinet SAFE legal document management software, your legal office can improve information sharingcontrol processes and increase productivity. It’s surprisingly simple. It’s 100 percent secure. And it’s more affordable than you might think.

What do law firms get with SAFE legal document management software?

  • 24/7/365 access to all law firm documents and case records – in and out of the office, on desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets
  • A truly green legal office environment – no new paper!
  • Sophisticated, rules-based automated document routing and management – fully integrated with workflow, scheduling and forms management capabilities
  • Secure document sharing with clients
  • Fixed licensing, maintenance and support costs
  • Granular security tailored to the unique needs and sensitivities of law firms and legal offices
  • Powerful redaction tools to remove sensitive information from documents
  • Priority access to a dedicated, multi-person support staff


Why legal document management software?

Legal document management softwareA legal document management system replaces paper files and documents in a legal office or law firm, enabling users to send electronic documents through the same steps a paper document or file would follow.

Paperless electronic document management systems (EDMS) are primarily used in the legal profession as firm-wide solutions to increase efficiency and eliminate the costly inconsistencies that are common in a paper-based process. For instance, if the firm has a new case form that is filled out for each client account and it must proceed from the attorney to a paralegal and then back to the attorney, an EDMS can provide the same path.

A true paperless EDMS not only provides storage, but must provide the same workflow capabilities. Along the way, it must also protect documents so that only authorized people can view, edit and/or delete documents based on the individual user’s access rights.

Case Study: After incorporating SAFE, Anidjar & Levine, P.A. gain clients and save money