Keeping track of all the documents in a manufacturing operation can be challenging. Purchase orders, invoices, customer contracts, regulatory documentation or intellectual property need to undergo constant change. Maintaining accuracy can be the difference between profit and loss.Industrial Warehouse

IMS can provide you with an electronic document management solution to ease your paper issues. Either way, you will have a best in class solution that meets your needs. Faster invoice processing for early pay discounts or managing employee training results to meet insurance requirements are made easier by having an electronic system that saves you time and money. Having these records secured electronically reduces confusion about the latest documentation and makes compliance with industry and governmental regulations simple and straightforward. Eliminate searching for paper records by managing all of your documents in a single repository.

Consider a document management solution for the following departments:

  • Invoice processing – Qualify for early pay discounts
  • Customer contracts – Improve customer service responsiveness
  • Regulatory documents, including ISO and FDA – Simplify ongoing compliance activities
  • Employee records – Simplify federal and state record keeping requirements

Finally, IMS gives you deployment choices. Whether you use our document conversion capabilities, cloud document management solutions or deploy it in house, we can deliver a solution that meets your technology, data connectivity or budget needs.

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