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Converting paper documents into electronic images can be challenging. You need clean crisp images. You need a single interface for both casual and power users that works with any document scanner. You need barcode detection, database lookups, maybe OCR-optical character recognition, and an easy way to index electronic files. You need connectivity with your document management system or line of business application. You need a scanning application that will scale with your documents and not cost you without expensive click charges. In short, you need Kodak Capture Pro.
If you’re using Microsoft SharePoint, Kodak Capture Pro is your answer. You can scan directly into your SharePoint libraries, allowing you to incorporate paper documents into your Sharepoint managed processes. Whether it’s an invoice, an HR form or a contract, you can expand your SharePoint capabilities with Kodak Capture Pro software.

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Capture Pro Software Network Edition

 With our KODAK Capture Pro Software Network Edition, we provide the total package for your dynamic capture environment.

Capture Pro

Makeover and streamline capture across your entire enterprise

Your capture operation is diverse and distributed, with scanners, indexing and processing stations deployed throughout your multi-location enterprise or large service bureau. KODAK Capture Pro Software Network Edition centralizes all the power you need to scan, process, utilize and manage documents and important data from those documents. Centrally deploy and manage capture and indexing stations to feed a repository or business process – utilizing KODAK Scanners and those of other popular manufacturers – with the advanced advantages of streamlined server and client software.

Take command, gain insight, and resolve issues faster with centralized administration and deployment

Total Remote Control

  • Achieve better data integrity with shared workstation setups – for remote management of multiple capture and indexing stations
    • New – delete/rename Job Setups and Page Setups right from the Dashboard
  • Drive down costs and be ready for the future – through faster deployment and scaling for volume needs
  • Make budgeting easier – thanks to centralized, more flexible licensing
  • Improve speed of business processes and maintain productivity – via enhanced insight into bottlenecks and batch status
    • New – configurable number of batch statuses displayed on the Dashboard, for more administrator control
  • Gain greater awareness of true throughput and performance – to make quick adjustments and achieve goals
    • New – monitor batch processing activity occurring on the Output Server from the Dashboard
  • Optimize downstream business processes – through resolution of slowdowns at workstations
  • Provide better data security through user name and password authentication of Remote Output Server processing

The total package for your dynamic capture environment

Total Package

  • KODAK Capture Pro Server Software – featuring remote administration, batch monitoring and centralized licensing
  • KODAK Capture Pro Client Software – featuring all of the powerful capabilities of Kodak Capture Pro Software for scanning and importing documents, automatic and manual indexing, quality control, and output to other systems
  • KODAK Capture Pro Software Output Server Module – for centralized processing of documents at any work station while output is handled at another location

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