File360 Preventative Maintenance

preventative-maintenanceDuring the past years, our customers have come to rely of their File360 (KoVIS) document management applications from Global 360 (now part of OpenText) for more and more business process related support. To ensure optimal performance and uptime, we have initiated a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program.

File360 Periodic Maintenance Support Covers:

  • Application and Usage Review
  • Database Review
  • Cache Monitoring
  • Application Design Assistance
  • Remote Upgrade and Patch Assistance
  • Additional File360 Services

How Often Will Periodic Maintenance Be Performed?

Our experience indicates that most larger document imaging applications require quarterly reviews while smaller or less active systems will experience improvements with semi-annual reviews

How Will the PM Be Performed and Will It Impact My Daily Operations?

The PM can be done after hours or during business hours. Our Systems Engineers will schedule a time to remotely log in to your system to perform the checkup. You can monitor their activity, or they can provide you with a summary update once the periodic maintenance is complete

How Can I obtain More Information on This Program?

Contact us for a free consultation or quote