Microsoft SharePoint

Get essential information into your business processes


Capture both paper and digital content

Whether you use MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT or SHAREPOINT Online in OFFICE 365, getting important data from paper and electronic documents into your workflow can be troublesome. Gracefully solving this challenge is where KODAK Info Activate Solution comes in.

Info Activate Solution makes –

  • Capture faster and simpler
  • Workflow more organized
  • Content more manageable
  • Integration seamless

To add data or manage its flow, Info Activate Solution is a smarter way to activate information, streamline processes, and optimize SHAREPOINT and SHAREPOINT Online. It works beautifully with Kodak and non-Kodak scanners.

Capture paper-based information with ease

KODAK Info Activate Solution functions beautifully in distributed capture environments. It can be quickly customized to work smoothly in your workflow –

  • Documents are easier to input, search, and access
  • Familiar, intuitive interface lets people become proficient quickly to get more done, more quickly

One click adds intelligence and accuracy

Benefit from one-click settings for tasks such as automatically adding image enhancement; and accurate, OCR-aided indexing.

  • Click on any word to transfer it to any field
  • Utilize information from external databases to expand and enhance index descriptions

Import digital files faster

Digital documents – from e-mail, fax, or electronic repositories – are easily imported into the same workflow containing paper documents.

  • Get information into your workflow quickly
  • Use a multi-function printer (MFP) to capture and send documents to SHAREPOINT

Personalize each user’s experience

Design a unique user interface for each person. You’ll increase efficiency by limiting access to only permitted jobs within a SHAREPOINT Library.

  • Eliminate confusion by reducing variables that can lead to errors
  • Create the right balance of knowledge worker freedom and intelligent oversight

Govern fairly and righteously

Because Info Activate Solution only sends the right content to the right places – and makes sure that only the right people can access it – smart governance is easy and assured.

  • Selecting the appropriate, pre-configured job assures that documents live only in the correct SHAREPOINT Library
  • Prevents SHAREPOINT from becoming a “digital landfill”
  • SHAREPOINT access rules restrict data permissions to authorized knowledge workers

Powerful, practical integration with SHAREPOINT

Built using SHAREPOINT as the development platform and achieving complete integration with OFFICE 365, Info Activate Solution is an on-premise solution that lets customers take full advantage of on-premise and on-line SHAREPOINT Technologies. These include –

  • Content types
  • Business connectivity services
  • Dashboards
  • Dynamic updates
  • Third-party technologies
  • Third-party modules
  • And others

There’s no loss in functionality, only gains in capture simplicity, speed of access, and flexibility.

  • SHAREPOINT lookup support easily creates relationships between lists
  • Gain cost savings and better insight into all relevant content for business process owners

If you’re using SHAREPOINT Online with OFFICE 365, you can share, organize, discover, build, and manage quickly and in dynamic new ways.

  • Collaborate with external users
  • Structure document libraries
  • Start exploring Business Intelligence for enhanced insight
  • Create apps
  • Administer security and software upgrades

Greater ease of deployment and more rollout control add valuable options for further integration with KODAK Capture Pro Software, administrators who want to add advanced processing capabilities can implement –

  • Zonal OCR
  • Barcoding
  • Advanced output choices
  • And more customization possibilities

Works with SHAREPOINT Workflow Solutions for highly effective processes

Model and redesign custom processes using optionally available SHAREPOINT Workflow Solutions.

  • SHAREPOINT administrators and super users can replicate a business process workflow with drag-and-drop ease
  • Sequences of reviews, approvals, statuses, and routings can be established and rapidly completed

Scan with your smart phone

There’s an app for that – the Info Activate Solution Mobile App for ANDROID and iOS Phones, available from the APPLE and GOOGLE Play stores.

  • Take a picture of a document and the app will index, automatically improve image quality, and submit data
  • The Info Activate Mobile Module can be purchased separately

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