Hardware Implementation

kodak-i5000-series-smallDocument scanners are complex machines that require constant attention in order to effectively and efficiently scan documents. If a scanner fails because of poor maintenance, improper user training or because they are not properly matched to the application, your document management solution will not perform the way that it should.

The Scanner Implementation Program (SIP) from IMS delivers a complete scanner selection, training and support experience. From proper scanner selection to technical support, our scanner team assures that your scanner technology investment exceeds your expectations. We have experience with leading manufacturers, such as Kodak, Canon and Fujitsu, which ensures that you get the right device to meet your document scanning needs.

As a part of the scanner implementation program, you can expect the following top quality service:


Scanner Selection

We help you make the appropriate scanner choice based on your current and future needs. Whether it’s a heads-down, high-volume production scanning operation or a broad distributed scanning network, we make sure that the scanners you choose will meet your needs.


Scanner Configuration

We will tune your scanner to make sure that you are capturing the information that you need to match your document management application. Whether archiving or preparing documents for optical character recognition, we make sure that the scanner produces the best image for your application.


Implementation & Project Management

We coordinate installation and delivery resources to assure that your scanners are up and running as quickly as possible.



We assure that your users understand how to operate and maintain your scanning investment, assuring that you have the highest scanner up time as possible. This includes training on cleaning and replacing scanner consumables such as rollers and lamps.


Warranty & Maintenance Management

We help you keep track of the various maintenance contracts so that if a scanner has a warranty issue, it will be resolved quickly and efficiently, keeping your documents flowing and your processes operating efficiently.



With each scanner purchase, we provide you with phone support to answer the questions that you have once you begin scanning documents.


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