Business Continuity Scanning Service

kodak-i5000-seriesEvery year, billions are spent on business continuity planning. While more and more companies rely on imaging-based workflow systems, little is spent on how to scan documents in the event of a flood, fire or other disaster.

Many companies only plan is to call us for replacement scanners. What if you are only running legacy scanners (no longer in production)? These scanners may not be available quickly or at all.

Disaster Recovery Options

With our Scanning Business Continuity Service, your scanning operation will be covered for any emergency situation, whether using Canon, Kodak, Bell + Howell, or Fujitsu document scanners.

IMS can provide you with any of the following Business Continuity services:

  • Testing and certification program where we ensure that current scanners are configured for immediate use in your environment
  • Providing and maintaining emergency use scanners at our site for delivery to your hot site
  • Providing and maintaining scanners at your hot site
  • Utilization of IMS facilities during an emergency, where we provide and maintain your scanners at our site for your use here
  • Outscourced document scanning services

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