Enhanced Scanner Maintenance Program


IMS offers enhanced maintenance on scanner models for all document scanner manufacturers, including Canon, Kodak, Bell + Howell, and Fujitsu.



Enhanced maintenance offers the following benefits:


When you have more than one scanner on a maintenance contract that renew at different times, we can work with your scanner vendor to ensure that they renew on the same day every year. It’s a simple concept but it takes the strong relationships we’ve built with the industry’s leading scanner manufacturers to make this happen.

Asset Tracking

If you have multiple scanners, we can help you track where they’re located and if they’re being used effectively. We can also monitor their service status, including whether each unit is under a service contract and if you’re taking advantage of all the preventative maintenance included in each contract (see PM monitoring below). We can also provide outsourced asset management services if you do not wish to manage this function internally.

PM Monitoring

Scanner users often do not take advantage of all of the preventative maintenance calls they are due as part of their service contract. Some scanner vendors only provide them when they have to rather than being proactive. We will make sure every PM call you have coming actually occurs. With our iServe Program, we can also make sure that all the consumables and cleaning supplies your service tech will need will be there and waiting.equipment-maintenance

Online Service Database

From your browser, you can log into our system and view your own service database. This will give you visibility into open cases, status of each scanner, service contract renewal and co-termination dates, when your next preventative maintenance call is scheduled, etc.

Multi-Year Discounts

With IMS, you can lock in today’s service pricing over multiple years. Increased discounts are available for longer-term contracts.


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