Equipment Maintenance

equipment-maintenanceEquipment failures always seem to happen at the worst time, at the end of a financial quarter, after you have received a big order or when everyone is gone for the day and you are the only person in the office. While you cannot prevent someone from spilling coffee into your scanner, you can take actions to make sure that your scanning investment is operating at peak efficiency; you can also prevent costly time and material bills when there is a failure.

Let IMS help you keep your scanner hardware running at peak performance with our iServe Maintenance Program. By extending your scanner warranty, you will be assured that when an issue arises, your investment is covered and will be resolved in a timely manner. This program includes periodic maintenance featuring cleaning, driver updates and ongoing feature/function training for new operators. With iServe, you will virtually eliminate scanner down time.

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IMS Enhanced Scanner Maintenance Program


We are an authorized Canon, Kodak, Bell + Howell, and Fujitsu maintenance contract reseller, providing you a full range of options. By having an annual maintenance program with IMS, you can better predict your maintenance costs, allowing you to both extend the life of your scanner and avoid expensive and unplanned time and material charges.


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